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321 Water is an award winning design product with a wow factor. Offer 321 Water at the next event, as a corporate gift or to reward staff. With your version of 321 Water you will leave a lasting impression. Find out how you can create your own or partner with us.


Create your own


Promote the use of tap water at your next event, in the office or as a corporate gift with your customised version of 321 Water. Offering a unique version of 321 Water to your clients or staff is an easy way to create instant positive environmental benefits through a simple every-day activity; drinking water. 321 Water reduces waste and emissions associated with disposable water bottles.

It was fun to present 321 Water to the TEDxSydney audience ... and thanks to PWC in helping us do that. Quite apart from anything else, there was a great development story to tell ... and the audience lapped it up (quite literally).


Remo Giuffré Licensee TEDxSydney


Partner with us


Be actively involved in promoting the benefits of tap water. Offering 321 Water as an addition to your current range of stylish products, shows your organisation’s aspirations and that you are on top of the latest trends. We can create a unique version of 321 Water that matches your brand.