How long will my bottle take to ship to my address?

My bottle seems to be leaking. What do I do?

My water has turned black, what happened?

What is my filter made of?

What does the filter do?

When do I need to replace my filter?

Can I use my product in countries where it is not safe to drink tap water?

What are 321 Water bottles and Uppercup made of?

Can you recycle 321 Water Bottles and Uppercup?

What currency is used on the 321 Water website?

My order status is 'unfulfilled', what does this mean?

I've misplaced or broken a part of my product. Can I purchase a replacement?

Can I put my 321 Water Bottle and Uppercup in the fridge or dishwasher?

Can I put my Uppercup in the microwave?

What is the max temp of the liquid for the Uppercup?