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3 Top Benefits of Australian Made Products!

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 03/04/2019 5:51:28 PM
Luke Marigliani
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With the overwhelming presence of imported goods and cheaper materials from low cost manufacturing nations such as China, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate brands from a far. Many labels and designers are advertising their goods as "designed in Australia" or "packaged in Australia" which can be perceived as an Australian made good all the while deceiving you as a consumer.

Government regulations and legal restrictions have made great inroads for the food and beverage industry requiring by law that companies are transparent with the origin of their raw materials. The Australian Made campaign is doing a great job at promoting the green kangaroo again and bringing back to life the great name that Australian manufacturing has in the product market.

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Here are 3 great reasons why you should look into what you are purchasing, and where you have the opportunity to support Australian made - do so!

1. Keep your money within Australia.

As global economics may fluctuate and the US dollar influence your pricing from overseas manufactures, you can rest assured that by supporting Australian business, you have a greater chance at stabilised pricing and your money will be put directly into Australia's economic growth.

2. Quality control

Australian manufacturing is synonymous with quality and longevity. Your Australian made product is likely to last a lot longer and provide better outcomes over its life than a similar imported good. Having the ability to contact your manufacturer and work closely with them on projects is something that is too often taken for granted!

3. Sustainable practice

With Australian regulation and national business standards, the likelihood your product was manufactured ethically and with better sustainability practice is far greater than imported goods with next to no minimum wage requirements or environmental authority. Further to this, Australian Made certified companies are required to uphold levels of transparency of their actions within the supply chain process.

Next time you are undertaking a procurement project or simply sourcing a product for your own usage, consider the manufacturing origin and the numerous benefits that Australian manufactured goods offer.

Read more about 321 Water and Uppercup's local manufacturing scheme here!


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