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Australian Made Logo Certified

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 15/03/2019 11:59:22 AM
Luke Marigliani
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Australian manufacturing has always been synonymous with quality and customer service. As globalisation and transportation has allowed for the market to become much more price driven and competitive with the likes of Chinese manufacturing, we are finally finding a resurgence towards the quality control and regulations with Australian made products.

The Australian Made campaign and associated certification offers great accountability for quality control and equally as import, the ethical nature of the manufacturing.

Aus Made Uppercup

321 Water and Uppercup have both been registered products under the Australian made certification, which also means that we uphold the transparencies and high standard encouraged.

Our manufacturing process itself directly supports women from a refugee background who operate our machines as well as further benefiting the local economy through keeping the money spent within Australian business.

Since the Australian Made campaign and the green & gold logo was originated, it allows consumers to quickly identify both locally made high quality products and the ethical standard of manufacturing that follows.

When you are next purchasing goods for all applications within your life, consider placing emphasis on Australian made and owned certified!

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Australian Made & Ethically produced 

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