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Sustainable Solutions for Local Government Procurement

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 04/04/2019 4:46:58 PM

As global manufacturing dynamics have continued to evolve over the last few decades, we have seen many large changes within government procurement and the paramaters that have been put in place to ensure that tax payer dollars and government funding is put towards the best possible companies that operate ethically. We have seen a really positive uptake in the allocation of budgets towards local manufacturing as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

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Australian Manufacturing in 2019

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 03/04/2019 6:04:57 PM

The Australian manufacturing industry has been through decades of change and varying support. With the rise in overseas manufacturing at lower cost with questionable ethical practice, we are finally starting to see a resurgence towards the higher quality and well renowned Australian Made name.

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3 Top Benefits of Australian Made Products!

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 03/04/2019 5:51:28 PM

With the overwhelming presence of imported goods and cheaper materials from low cost manufacturing nations such as China, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate brands from a far. Many labels and designers are advertising their goods as "designed in Australia" or "packaged in Australia" which can be perceived as an Australian made good all the while deceiving you as a consumer.

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Social Enterprise Methodology

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 22/03/2019 10:02:41 AM

Over the last decade or so, a rapid rise in "for purpose" businesses and having an impact focus model has been influential in the way that consumer behaviour has changed. With this rise came along a term that is now commonly recognised in business - Social Enterprise. Whilst there is still no legal framework around the definitions of a Social Enterprise, it broadly defines a business process and methodology towards for profit AND for purpose. The goods or services provided in a social enterprise usually focus on providing a solution to an issue our world is facing whilst still keeping up with consumer demands.

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Promotional Opportunities - Made in Melbourne!

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 18/03/2019 9:49:32 AM

As promotional products and branded goods continues to prove itself as a staple marketing tool for events and broad exposure, we are finding a positive shift towards higher quality products with a much greater impact on both your brand and the world. With an increase in corporate sustainability protocols and a widespread interest in waste minimisation globally, gimmicks such as branded pens and stress balls are considered to put your brand in negative light, whilst reusable coffee cups and water bottles particularly Australian Made, promote healthier lifestyle choices and the opportunity to contribute towards a cleaner planet.

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Australian Made Logo Certified

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 15/03/2019 11:59:22 AM

Australian manufacturing has always been synonymous with quality and customer service. As globalisation and transportation has allowed for the market to become much more price driven and competitive with the likes of Chinese manufacturing, we are finally finding a resurgence towards the quality control and regulations with Australian made products.

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Co Branded Reusable Coffee Cup

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 14/12/2018 1:38:19 PM

Since the rise of the War on Waste movement across Australia, reusable coffee cups have arguably become the number 1 must have sustainability accessory for the average coffee drinker. From Keep Cup's first to market product range, the evolution of the reusable cup has advanced rapidly with brands such as Uppercup offering additional design benefits to enhance the takeaway coffee experience.

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The Co Branding Process Made Easy

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 14/12/2018 9:15:57 AM

Whether you are a cafe or gift shop right through to a large multi-national corporation, Co-Branding merchandise products for gifting or on-sale can seem like a rigorous task with many hoops to jump through. With 321 Water and Uppercup being a locally manufactured and operated company, we have been able to simplify the Co Branding process and offer the additional customer service benefits that you won't get from looking into imported products.

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Boutique Promotional Water Bottles

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 13/12/2018 12:22:09 PM

When most people think of promotional products and event merchandise they immediately jump to companies putting their logo on a water bottle and giving it out in a show-bag of some sort. With growing demand, companies are now looking to a more premium and innovate product range to co-brand with and offer to their event attendees and clientele.

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Sustainability Meets Merchandise

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 12/12/2018 4:49:54 PM

Sustainability and merchandise are two words that are often considered enemies. In the past, event giveaways and general merchandise have been considered wasteful gimmicks that ultimately just end up in landfill days after a given event. 

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