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Sustainable Solutions for Local Government Procurement

Posted by Luke Marigliani on 04/04/2019 4:46:58 PM
Luke Marigliani
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As global manufacturing dynamics have continued to evolve over the last few decades, we have seen many large changes within government procurement and the paramaters that have been put in place to ensure that tax payer dollars and government funding is put towards the best possible companies that operate ethically. We have seen a really positive uptake in the allocation of budgets towards local manufacturing as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

With these budgets at all government levels from federal allocation through to local council we are too often seeing a gap in expenditure due to purchasing and procurement departments not having the relevant access and exposure to these companies doing great things in our community!

Social Enterprise and the "better business" model is a part of a movement that is hoping to reach a broader market and put their brand names in front of the right people in government departments. 

321 Water and Uppercup operate under this banner of Social Enterprise methodology as well as ticking the boxes for a number of key procurement budgets such as Australian manufactured goods and employees operating our manufacturing machines from a diverse range of backgrounds including refugees.

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By the general consumer supporting business models such as our own we are putting money into local economics and supporting families of refugee background directly. With the scale of this amplified significantly through government procurement projects, we can see a great use of our tax payer dollars and putting our community in positive light for other councils, cities, countries to learn from.

Environmental and sustainability factors are a key procurement guideline that can be simply put down to supply chain transparencies and easily avoided in large scale purchases. By knowingly avoiding very common things in manufacturing particularly overseas - such as slave labour and child labour, harsh working environments, no environmental regulations, the impact of government projects increases.

If you would like to read more about 321 Water and Uppercup's company model and how important corporate transparency is to us you can click this link!


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