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Your guide to the 321 Water Bottle 

Posted by Claudine Fessey on 15/02/2018 11:55:59 AM
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Water bottles are first and foremost a container and need to be safe to hold food or drinks. We make all of our products from BPA-Free food-grade material making them safe to touch food and beverages. 


Why buy a bottle made of Tritan? 
Made of high-quality BPA-Free Tritan, 321 Water and Uppercup are BPA-Free and Toxin Free.

You can drink from your reusable bottle every time with the peace of mind that what you are drinking from is safe and good for your body. Reduce waste and save money by bringing your water bottle and reusable coffee cup.

The 321 Filter Bottle is a great everyday water bottle.

Why buy a reusable bottle? 

With your reusable Tritan bottle by your side you won't have to buy non-reusable water bottles anymore. Making this a more eco-friendly and affordable option.
Tritan is a super durable and strong plastic that isn't fragile like glass or ceramic, making it a long lasting and eco-friendly option. 

Why buy a filter water bottle?

Not only will the filter bottle be able to keep you hydrated, but it will also mean you can have filtered crisp water wherever you go (for potable water only).
The bottles unique tree filter design, means you simply fill the container with water then plunge. The plunging mechanism removes bad tastes and odours, leaving you with fresh water every time. 

Ready to start using a filter water bottle?

Australian Made & Ethically produced 

Our Aim

We aim to change the way business works, by cultivating both socially and environmentally sustainable consumer product labels.


  • All of our products are Australian Made and Ethically produced
  • We focus on beautiful products designed in Australia
  • All products are Eco-friendly and BPA-free

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