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Are Tritan Water Bottles Safe?

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Are Tritan Water Bottles Safe?

The healthy, clean & safe choice

Safe Healthy BPA Free Water Bottle

What is Tritan?
We choose to manufacture with a material called Eastman Tritan. Tritan is a BPA-free plastic — it is not manufactured with bisphenol A (BPA) or other bisphenol compounds, such as bisphenol S (BPS).

Tritan is BPA Free and won't leach in any way making it the healthy, clean & safe choice.

Tick of Approval
Tritan has been reviewed independently & approved by the European Union FSA, US FDA, Health Canada, Japans HOSPA & Australia's standards. This means you can use your bottle knowing it is safe and won't leach after time.

Why is Tritan the perfect material for a water bottle?
Tritan won't retain smells or odours and is a safe, reusable product, making it perfect to be the material used to produced filter water bottles. 

Tritan is also exceptionally durable. This material is shatterproof, unlike glass. This means your 321 Water Bottle is built to last and won't shatter like a glass bottle would if dropped. Being able to take your 321 Filter Water Bottle on the go without the fear of it shattering if dropped, means you can fill up from any tap, plunge to filter and sip fresh filtered water wherever you are. 

We are Australian Made
One of the major reasons we chose to manufacture with Tritan is because you can't currently manufacture glass cups in Australia. 

We aim to be as sustainable and ethical as possible throughout our entire product line. 
To do this we feel we need to be able to see that process. Everything we do including manufacturing, packaging, printing and warehousing is within 24 km in Melbourne, Australia. 

Because we manufacture in Australia, we can provide local jobs and directly support & employ women from a refugee background. 
We know the families and people who make your products.

We choose to design, operate & manufacture locally in Australia so that by choosing our product, you are making a substantial contribution to eradicating single-use products & supporting Australian small business and jobs.

Australian made

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