321 Water bottle
 Do you have a reusable 321 Filter Bottle and want to be reminded when to change your filter? 


One tablet lasts around 125 refills, so we advise that you change your filter:

Monthly - if you drink 2 litres (4 refills a day) / 68 ounces a day
Bi-Monthly -  if you drink 1 litre (2 refills a day) / 34 ounces a day

Click below to sign up for a monthly reminder to change the filter of your 321 Water bottle. 



Sign up here for a monthly reminder  to change your 321 Water Filter
Did you know? 
Over 1 million non-reusable water bottles go into landfill each day in Australia. Every time you fill up your 321 Water Bottle you are directly helping our environment by reducing waste.👏👏
If you are unsure about how to change your filter click here for video instructions. 
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