321 products are a sustainable and ethical option for corporate gifting, merchandise and sporting your brand.


321 Water works off a social enterprise model through local procurement and a thoroughly thought out ethical supply chain to produce a high quality and durable product range. 


What we offer:

- Filter water bottles with your logo or design
- 8 oz insulated reusable tea and coffee cup with your logo 
- 12 oz insulated reusable tea and coffee cup with your logo 
- Water bottle with your screen printed design around the bottle 


Our reusable coffee cups and water bottles support companies looking for sustainable and meaningful alternatives when:

- Coffee shop looking for co-branding
- Boutique gifting for clients
- Events and merchandising

- Incentivising employees


Why choose us:

1. Australian Made certified products 
2. Customisable products with your brand's logo and colour scheme
3. Designed and patent items 
4. High quality, durable, BPA and BPS free material
5. Dishwasher safe
6. Being made in Australia we offer efficient 5-12 day lead times to dispatch
7. Female led business 
8. Ethical and Sustainable products 
9. Packaging is 100% recycled  

An example of some brands we have worked with:

custom branding