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Did you know that adult bodies are made up of roughly 60% water!

Reusable water bottle


Water helps your body in many different ways, including assisting essential nutrients in moving around the body, regulating your body temperature, and even supporting a healthy metabolism. 

Therefore, it is critical to drink an adequate amount of water. Be it in something as simple as a healthy green tea or as a fruit infusion; water can be enjoyed in many forms. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember, but with products that can become a daily necessity to your ensemble, you will have no problems. 

The 321 Water Bottle is an eco friendly water bottle that uses a carbon filtration system. The filter absorbs impurities from tap water, such as odors, tastes, organic compounds, and residual chlorine. The 321 filter tablet lasts around 125 refills, an incredible 62.5 liters of fresh-tasting water before it needs replacing.

Read more about the water filter process here.

The 321 Protein Shaker is great for adding things to your water, such as fruit, protein, or supplements with the included blender ball. For those who are after a bit of extra flavor, try adding fruit or vegetables to your water. Detox-water can cleanse your body and help you to stay hydrated. For example, try adding ginger & mint or cucumber & lemon for a little extra punch.

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Utilizing a water bottle such as the 321 Filter Water Bottle, CamelBak Water Bottle, Earth Bottle, Frank Green Water Bottle, or 321 Protein Shaker will ensure that you have water on you no matter where you are. Using a reusable water bottle will also help you to form a habit of consistently drinking water with your trusty bottle by your side at all times. 

Reusable water bottles 

When manufacturing our product range of water bottles, the plastic utilized is Tritan Co-polyester, a strong, glass-like BPA-free material. It also doesn't contain BPS or any other Bisphenol. Tritan has been tested by four third-party labs and shown to be free of any estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free). The top of the 321 Water bottles is made from food-grade polypropylene, which is also BPA-free.

Using BPA Free Water Bottles, you won't need to worry about the negative impacts that BPA can have on your health.

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