Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my bottle take to ship to my address?

We ship Worldwide from Australia direct to you.

Please click below to see shipping timeframes :
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Q: Is my order shipped carbon neutral?

Yes, we use the delivery service Sendle, which is a 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. To read about how Sendle is carbon-neutral click here


Q: My water has turned black, what happened?

A: Don’t freak out! This is completely natural. Your filter is made from an activated carbon and the first time it passes through water it leaves a residue.

This is great, it means that the filter is working!

We recommend that after your first plunge, you refill and plunge again to ensure the filter will not leave any residue on the next fill.


Q: What is my filter made of?

A: Activated carbon.

Activated carbon is a natural, highly porous filtering material prepared by exposing organic materials such as coconut shells to high temperatures and steam, creating an enormous surface area for absorption. 


Q: What does the filter do?

A: The filter significantly reduces chlorine and removes odours and bad tastes.  

It does not remove fluoride. 

This super-porous carbon is used to absorb impurities from potable tap water such as odours, tastes, organic compounds and residual chlorine. It is low impact, aesthetically pleasing, durable, portable, and free of harmful chemicals, for you to enjoy every last drop.


Q: When do I need to replace my filter?

A: Our filter lasts around 125 refills. That is an amazing 62.5 litres of great tasting water before it needs replacing.

If you are struggling to remember this, then the best way to remember is that a frequent user will need to change the filter monthly.  Though if you don’t hydrate as regularly, then bi-monthly should do the trick. The best thing you can do, is to sign up for a 321 Subscription. That way we will send you a new filter tablet every time you are due to replace it. 


Q: Can I use my product in countries where it is not safe to drink tap water?

A: Unfortunately, no. 321 Water is only to be used with tap water that has been treated and is safe to drink. 321 Water doesn't make undrinkable water drinkable. However, it is a great idea to take 321 Water with you when travelling. You could also use a product such as Aquatabs to treat the water, then use 321Water to plunge away the 'funny taste' of the treated the water.


Q: What are 321 Water bottles made of?

A: We go to great lengths to ensure that our bottles are ethically and sustainably made.

The 321 Water Container and Filter Tree are made of durable, easy to clean, BPA free Co-polyester (Tritan Eastman).

All of our products are 100% BPA and BPS free.


Q: Can you recycle 321 Water Bottles? 

A: Yes, 321 Water uses a BPA-free plastic called Eastman Triton Co-polyester. Eastman Tritan is a new and recyclable plastic especially developed for the food and drink industry because it contains no BPA. If you would like to find more about recycling your 321 Bottle and Filter read more about it on our blog. 


Q: My bottle seems to be leaking. What do I do?

A: This must be water trapped between the threads of the bottle top and the container. Please try the following, we're pretty sure this will do the trick!

Take the cap off next time you plunge. That way, air does not push the water out.  Plus, fill the 321 Bottle a little less than you have been doing so far. Also check that your stem is properly clicked into the cap to ensure you can push the lid all the way before screwing it on.

Also see link below for some further information.


Q: I've misplaced or broken a part of my bottle. Can I purchase a replacement?

A: Yes of course, new bottles and/or spare parts are available. Please contact us and we can process your order for you. 


Q: Can I put my 321 Water bottle in the fridge or dishwasher?

Yes, you can. The bottle will remain intact and safe to use and chemical free. Make sure you have removed the filter before placing the 321 Bottle in the dishwasher. 


Q: What currency is used on the 321 Water website? 

All orders on 321 Water are processed in AUD.

For your convenience, we have a currency converter on our site which will automatically convert the price to your local currency. However, this is for an indication only, we process all our 321 Water orders in AUD. While the content of your cart will be displayed in your local currency, you will checkout using AUD at the most current exchange rate. This is the reason your confirmation email amount may differ to the amount on your bank statement.  


Q: My order status is 'unfulfilled', what does this mean?

If your order status is shown as unfulfilled this simply means your order has not yet been dispatched, but the payment has been successful. Once we have dispatched your order you will receive an email to confirm your order has been fulfilled, this will include a tracking number.