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321 water bottles

Designed with the environment in mind.

321 Water filters and detox bottles were designed to reduce your waste impact, particularly concerning the large number of disposable water bottles that make their way into our waterways and landfill. According to Clean Up Australia Day, non-reusable plastic bottles are amongst the most found rubbish item "littered" in Australia.

321 Water BPA free products are essential for those who are:

Water Bottle Design

Award-Winning Design | Made in Melbourne 

A key thing that has been identified in the market of reusable products is that product design and having a readily available product that the consumers want to have involved in their daily belongings will increase usage and the overall impact of our waste minimization efforts in a much larger scale.

321 Water range includes:


Best Water Bottle

In a competitive market, we have a product that stands out from the crowd.

321 Water's reusable water bottle range offers a one of a kind filter system. With brands such as Swell Water Bottles - a great vessel to store unfiltered water, we developed an innovative design that can filter your water on the go via french press plunge, keeping your carbon filter away from the mouthpiece, which has been found to cause a build-up of bacteria.

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 321 water bottle


The 321 Water bottle is made from BPA & BPS free, relatively new plastic to the market known as Eastman Tritan. While this product is completely recyclable it is also good for your health. 

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