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User Instructions

Uppercup and 321 Water How To

How to put the Uppercup lid on

 To put your Uppercup lid on, place the cup on a hard surface, then place both of your thumbs on top of the lid and push down - when you hear the click you know your lid is on.

When taking off your Uppercup lid, grasp the cup with one hand and use the other to leverage the lid off.


View the videos and read the instructions to find out everything you wanted to know about you 321 Water Filter Bottle. 

Unpacking your new 321Water Filter Bottle

  1. Remove the protective plastic from the Filter System
  2. Briefly rinse the Filter under the tap then insert into base of the Filter Tree


Clearing the dust from the 321 Water Filter

  1. Before use you need to clear dust from your Filter.
  2. Fill the Container about 4cm or 2 fingers from edge.
  3. Insert the Filter Tree. 
  4. Slowly plunge to the bottom with even pressure making sure the Filter Tree stays centred.
  5. You may see the water change colour; don’t be alarmed you’re merely cleansing dust from the Filter. 
  6. Empty the water onto your favourite plant.
  7. Pull the Filter Tree out in a straight line.
  8. Congratulations, your 321 Water is ready for use.



Refilling your 321Water Filter Bottle

  1.  Fill the Container about 3cm or about 2 fingers from edge. 
  2. Place the Container on a hard surface and slowly plunge all the way down with even pressure making sure the Filter Tree stays centred. 
  3. Hold the top in place and screw the container on tightly.
  4. Open the Cap and enjoy fresh, Filtered water.
  5. To Refill: Hold the Top in place and unscrew the Container.


Disassembling your 321Water Filter Bottle 

  1. When disassembling your bottle make sure to hold the stem from the top not the middle to avoid snapping. 


Changing your 321 Filter 

  1.  Every 125 refills you will need to replace the Filter Disc in your Filter System. 
  2. To do this, place your hand around the base of the Filter Tree and carefully remove the Filter System. 
  3. The Filter System is made up of 4 parts.
  4. Keep the Mesh and Silicon Base. 
  5. Remove the Filter Disc and Pre-Filter and dispose of. 
  6. Put the Filter System back together in the correct order with a new Pre-Filter and Disc. 
  7. Briefly rinse the Filter System under the tap and insert into base of the Filter Tree.
  8. Please note: The Filter Disc has a rough and smooth side. The rough side sits on top of Pre-Filter.

Washing your 321Water Filter Bottle

  1. All parts of the 321 Filter Bottle, except the filter disk, are dishwasher safe. 
  2. Please place parts on the top shelf.